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ARAG Legal Insurance Plan

Rely on Affordable, Professional Legal Protection

Legal insurance from ARAG® connects you with a network attorney so you can get the legal help you need.

Legal Insurance Coverage

As a leader in legal insurance, ARAG continues to provide comprehensive legal guidance, services and resources to M-DCPS employees and their families.
Benefits of the legal plan include:

  • Network attorney fees that are 100% paid in full for most covered legal matters, which can help you avoid high legal costs.
  • No waiting periods on ANY coverages (including bankruptcy and divorce). You can use the plan as soon as your coverage begins.
  • Broad coverage for life’s everyday legal issues, ranging from family matters and estate planning to contractor disputes and consumer protection issues.
  • Access to educational online resources, including helpful articles and guidebooks, along with DIY Docs® to create legally valid documents on your own.
  • Access to ARAG’s nationwide network of more than 14,000 attorneys.

Get Connected to a Local Network Attorney  

In-office Legal representation 
Network attorneys provide legal counsel, document review as well as representation – for covered legal matters including:
  • Standard and Complex Will Preparation 
  • Contested Divorce (up to 20 hours per insured event) 
  • Debt Collection
  • Codicil Preparation (Amendment to a Will)
  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Foreclosure 
  • Living Will Preparation 
  • Alimony 
  • Defense of Garnishment 
  • Powers of Attorney Preparation 
  • Child Custody/Visitation
  • Mechanic's Lien
  • Specific Document Preparation
  • Child Support 
  • Student Loan Debt Collection 
  • Document Review
  • Elder Law 
  • Personal Bankruptcy
  • Contested/Uncontested Adoption
  • School Administrative Hearings
  • Personal Property Protection
  • Contested/Uncontested Guardianship/Conservatorship 
  • Social Security/Veterans/Medicare
  •  Juvenile Court
  • Name Change 
  • Consumer Protection
  • Parental Responsibilities
  • Criminal Misdemeanor 

  • Buying/Selling a Home
  • Insanity and Infirmity Defense

  • Habeas Corpus 
  • Home Equity Loan 
  •  IRS Audit Protection and Collection Defense
  • Driving Privilege Protection and Restoration (including DWI) 
  • Refinancing 
  • General In-Office Services for any personal legal matters not specifically covered or excluded (up to 4 hours per family per certificate year) 
  • Minor Traffic Tickets 
  • Building Codes, Easements and Zoning/Variances/Eminent Domain 
To locate a network attorney in your area, call ARAG Customer Care at 800-360-5567, or visit and enter Access Code 10287. Click on the “Attorneys” tab at the top of the page and select “Find an Attorney.” You can also log in as a member for more details.
You may also select a non-network attorney and the plan will reimburse you according to scheduled limits. The legal services that are available are listed on the chart in this section.
If you need legal representation for a legal situation that’s not covered under the plan, you may have other options, including:
The general in-office coverage benefit for matters not specifically covered or excluded. This benefit provides four hours per family per certificate year of attorney services.

Telephone Legal Advice and Consultation

Telephone Legal Advice and Consultation

Attorneys can easily handle certain legal matters over the phone. You can consult with a network attorney over the phone as often as necessary – for any of the following legal needs, including: 
  • General legal advice and consultation on virtually any personal legal matter.
  • Standard will preparation.
  • Living will preparation.
  • Durable powers of attorney preparation.
  • Small claims assistance.
  • Follow-up calls and letters.
  • Specific document preparation.
  • Document review. 

Immigration Assistance

Immigration Assistance

To help with the immigration process, your plan includes:

  • Legal advice and consultation, that includes: 

    - Immigration processes and guidelines.

    - Filing and processing of applications and petitions.

    - Laws and regulations governing various types of immigration benefits, including asylum, adjustment of status, business visas and employment authorizations.

    - Deportation and removal proceedings.

  • Document review of any immigration forms. 
  • Document preparation of affidavits and powers of attorney. 
  • Preparation for immigration hearings. 
    For additional immigration services, network attorneys provide a reduced rate of at least 25% off their normal rates for any representation-based immigration services. Network attorneys will bill the member directly. 

Online Legal Tools and Resources

Online Legal Tools and Resources

To help you better manage today’s common legal and financial matters, visit our Learning Center at, where you have access to a variety of tools and resources, including:
  • Educational articles, videos and guidebooks: Get helpful tips regarding key legal, financial and consumer issues like estate planning, debt collection, identity theft, caregiving and working with an attorney.
  • Personal Information Organizer: Download this document to help you keep track of all your critical legal, financial, medical and personal information.
  • Legal Glossary: Review this collection of terms and coverages, with easy-to-understand descriptions and real-life examples to help you learn more about your legal issue.
As a member, you'll also have access to DIY Docs®, where you can create hundreds of legally valid documents online at your convenience.

Caregiving Services

Caregiving Services

As your parents and grandparents age and deal with health issues, odds are good that you will play a part in providing care. The following services are available for you to help a parent or grandparent:  
  • Legal Hotline 
  • Annual Legal Check-Up 
  • Reduced Fee Services
  • Support Services from Eldercare Advocates
  • Access to the nation’s most comprehensive eldercare database
  • Online Tools and Resources
  • Eldercare Quality-of-Care Ratings and Reports 
  • Learning Center with educational articles and guidebooks on elder law topics 
  • DIY Docs® 

Identity Theft Services

Identity Theft Services

You have toll-free access to identity theft case specialists who will: 
  • Explain what identity theft is and steps you can take to help prevent it.
  • Provide resources to minimize and recover from identity theft.
  • Explain plan coverages that may be relevant to the identity theft, such as consumer protection.
  • Provide identity theft prevention and victim action kits. 

Financial Education and Counseling Services

Financial Education and Counseling Services - ARAG Exclusive

You have access to professional Financial Counselors and online resources exclusively through your ARAG Legal Plan. Experienced Financial Counselors are available to answer questions and provide guidance on a range of financial topics including:

  • General financial planning information and guidance. 
  • Cash and debt management/budgeting. 
  • Retirement and investment planning. 
  • Student loan counseling. 
  • Credit report review. 
  • Individual retirement accounts (IRAs). 

You also have access to online resources through the ARAG Legal Center that provide:

  • Interactive Education Modules
  • Life Events Guides and Financial Articles
  • Self-Guided Money Management Tool
  • Financial Calculators

Tools and Resources

ARAG® Legal Plan

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